our family of four

November 18, 2009

These are our last family photos before we become a family of five. I was glad we had time to take some before the baby comes.
My sister’s boyfriend, Christian Cruz, who happens to be starting his photography business, took the photographs. Both my sisters also tagged along for the show as one did my hair, she is a hair stylist, and the other just likes to take pictures and hang out with us. My baby sister is also quite the photographer, she took the first photograph below and I can’t wait to see how her pictures turned out too!
family photos
(taken by my sister)

family photosfamily photosfamily photos
These are just a few that Christian was able to send me, but I can’t wait to see the whole batch! You can also see a few more on Christian’s blog. Christian’s experience is mostly in rock band photography, but he is working on branching out to weddings and families. He is currently working on his website, but if you are interested in your own family photos, you can send him an email at [email protected]. Thank you so much Christian!!! And tell your girlfriend thanks for doing my hair…
polaroid of ben and me
Of course at the end of the shoot, I had to make sure to sneak in a polaroid. Does the scenery look familiar? I just love kissing pictures because I love my Benny so much!!!

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