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November 19, 2009

I am so excited Thanksgiving is next week. I love traditional turkey and traditional stuffing and pumpkin anything that I can get my hands on! I am getting hungry just thinking about it. Well, with all the baby nesting going on, I still can’t forget my little girls and the fact they need Thanksgiving outfits. I decided to make something simple for each girl.
True gets this little number, but she is a tad disappointed that they are fake pockets. True loves pockets, but I guess what little kid doesn’t like a teeny compartment to hide their treasures in?!! Note to self: make True something with lots of pockets.
changed neckline
Brave’s jumper is made of an old wool vintage skirt, that no longer fit me. She is so excited to have a new dress that when I try it on her she keept twirling and twirling that it was hard to figure out where to put the buttons as she refused to stay still.
brave's thanksgiving dress
And just in case baby does decide to make an appearance in time for some turkey, I made a little layering piece that would go over some onesies and leggings nicely. Then, when the weather warms up she would be able to still wear this, assuming she stays petite for a long time like her two big sisters.
baby's thanksgiving jumper
All three dresses were taken from these two books. Now, I don’t read Japanese, but I used the pictures to help me guess along the way and I am way too lazy to cut out the patterns from the book myself, but the pictures are really so helpful in figuring out the shapes and pattern.
lovely books
So as my good friend Heather asked me… yes, I am still gathering twigs and ruffling feathers and no baby has come yet. Though, these contractions have been more frequent and some quite intense, but just not intense or consistent enough. My “thing to-do before baby comes” list is almost done. I think I may actually take a break from any kind of sewing today, as I have done so much this past week. I have laundry to put away and organize and a hospital bag to get ready. What do I pack again? I seem to have forgotten this time around.
Next list to tackle is my Christmas sewing list. I need to plan that one out. Hmm… now I am thinking, do I need a Thanksgiving dress? But who knows what shape my body will take next week. Bump or really soft? I won’t worry about it.
Have a great Thursday and I promise to share what my Benny and the girls did for me tomorrow. Let me just say that it completely ROCKED!!!

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