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November 30, 2009

A bit later of a post for Monday, but I am still here and very pregnant. I keep wishing today is the day, but the contractions come and then go away. Darn it. I am trying to be patient.

We had a very good Thanksgiving and I guess only 2 of the 3 outfits I made were worn. I think the girls look positively adorable (and my True got her first hair cut ever).

happy thanksgivingthanksgiving family picture
On the weekend, I did some mad crafting for Christmas and a friend. I cleaned all the bathrooms and the house again and am just keeping as busy as I can before baby comes out. Also, hoping that the busyness helps her come out. I seriously feel her in my hips (or at least really low) that it hurts when I walk.
Besides keeping busy, I am just trying to enjoy the last days of being a family of four. We do a lot of cuddling on the couch at night and watching some movies. We never ever watch television, so the girls are devouring this night time movie watching. I am also hoping to start the Christmas decorating tonight and advent tomorrow… there is always lots to do.
Here’s to hoping that today is the day (or maybe tomorrow)…
p.s. Don’t you love my Brave’s smile in the family picture above? It is hilarious.

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