January 29, 2010

Finally. I am so glad. Aren’t you?
This week was a busy week and it was my first time leaving the house by myself with all three girls in tow. Where did I go you ask? My mom’s house. I guess that makes it no big deal then, huh? It was a fun day and super nice to be out of the house. I left all three girls there to do errands. I would feed Soul, then leave for 2 hours, come back, feed her again, and then leave for another 2 hours. I am her food, so I can’t be too far away! In my every two hour galavants I did some thrifting and errands that I have been longing to do, but don’t dare do with three!
On my thrifting excursion, I got some goodies, one of which is a 1200FF Polaroid camera. I can’t wait to try that out, but first I must get spectra film. Also, I got the globes, well one is from etsy, that are now placed in a perfect place on the old French pie safe. I love them.
loft/studio work area
This room is my studio area, the other half of this room, which I purposely did not picture, is a horrendous mess! My mess. I haven’t quite figured out to make all the space functional. I love this side of the room though. This is the side where my girls paint, color, read, and play while I am working. Though, the room looks clean, don’t let this picture fool you. If you get up close there are marker stains all throughout the carpet. I dream for the day when we can have wood floors!
Time to get my Friday started and wake the girls. Ben and I might go on a date tonight, but it depends if we have babysitters. I hope so. I really want to get out with my Ben! I love just being with my husband!!!
That’s all folks! Happy Friday!!!

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