braided headband tutorial

January 28, 2010

*This post was a guest post sometime ago over at Smile and Wave, but just in case you missed it, here it it.

Sometimes you feel stuck with your hair and just need something quick and different (okay, maybe new) and this headband is the perfect thing (it only takes about 20 minutes)!

What you need:
2- safety pins
6- strips of fabric about 18” long (can add more strips depending how many bands you want)
1- 6” piece of elastic
sewing machine
1. gather 3 strips of fabric.

3 strips of fabric
2. pin together ends.
pin ends together
3. braid together.
one braid
4. repeat steps 1-3 for remaining 3 strips of fabric.
braid fabric
5. lay both braids side by side with ends matching together.
two braids
6. straight stitch ends together.
sew ends together
7. snip excess fabric and repeat for the other end (braided bands should be about 15-16” in length).
sew ends together
8. take your elastic and sew into one end of the braid and repeat on the other end.
sewing on the elastic
braided headband
(what the braided band looks like when done sewing)
9. wear then go out and have fun! enjoy…
side viewbad at these kinds of shots
(I am horrible at these kinds of shots)

Hope you liked this quick little project… if you get bored of it on your head, just pull it down and wear it as a necklace around your neck. For another way to recycle scraps, you can make a braided necklace or check out the Free People blog for directions I made on how to use the scraps to make braided handles for a bag!

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