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June 21, 2011

Ben got his father’s day breakfast in bed Saturday morning because 1) we were going to celebrate Saturday until True got sick and 2) it is easier to do on Saturday morning rather than Sundays when we are running around like crazy trying to get ready for church. What did I make? Omelets! He loves omelets or at least I think he loves my omelets, so I keep making them.
breakfast in bedbreakfast in bed
One thing I learned when we got married is that it takes Ben about 30 minutes to wake up in the morning. He is awake, but not really, so when we surprised him with his breakfast, he wasn’t quite ready. I think it took about 30 minutes until he took that first bite. It is really funny to watch him in the morning. Also, I made a fresh pico de gallo on the omelet and I think I used a wee bit too many serranos (the dude likes things spicy, but maybe not first thing in the morning), so for a sleepy guy it was a bit too spicy. That was another funny to watch!
Oh and did I mention he has pretty crazy bed head?!! He is such a good sport that he lets his blogging wife post a picture of him first thing in the morning. I really love him lots and still think he is such a looker even with that crazy hair!!!
breakfast in bedbreakfast in bed
The girls made him a cute little present and Lord willing on Saturday he will get our special surprise for him, so there will be more father’s day post to come. We want to make sure Ben knows how much we love him, though we try to make sure he knows that everyday, not just on father’s day!

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