this is our monday morning

January 11, 2010

monday morning
We have a few crafty things on the agenda today. First off is some painting with watercolors and I am trying to not let the neat freak in me cut out the fun as they spill a bit of water here and there. Kids will be kids and art isn’t all about being neat, right? I am also hoping to do a bit of sewing. I haven’t really done that in awhile, though Soul did have a bit of a rough night, thus my eyes feel quite heavy. On the other hand, once I dive into a good project I find myself full of energy, so maybe that will happen today.
What does your Monday morning look like?

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  • Renee says:

    Mondays are not fun for me b/c I have so much cleaning to do since I don't clean on the weekends the house gets very dusty since we have all wood flooring. I know what you mean about being a neat freak about the kids making a mess, it was so hard for me to just let go & let them just have fun as long as it wasn't anything major, of course. I love what the girls are sitting on… so pretty & colorful. What do you do with all of the girls art… do you have some creative way of saving them if you do save them? Hope you get more sleep tonight. )

  • Wish my Monday mornings looked this fun:( Off to work I go and to school my kids go..although we did have a crafty weekend which was nice.. alot of art/projects going on in our house and I love every single second of it and try not to let my inner neat freak get in the way of the fun either..

  • Julie says:

    I had a tough time pushing the neat freak in me aside when doing crafts with the kids too at first. Now they just go to town and it's so much more enjoyable for me since I've learned to let it go….oh my nerves took a beating before though! lol

  • Rileigh says:

    we had a little water coloring this morning as well which ended when my two year old drank the purple water because it was so pretty. 🙂

  • Sara*P says:

    Whoa, where did you get those giant clip boards? Just this morning I was feeling bad for one of my kids as he struggled to draw and hold the paper in place at the same time. What a perfect solution! I'd love to know where you got them. Thanks so much!

  • Meghan says:

    So fun! Question–is that a rug or art mat below the girls? Where'd you get it? I'm looking for a good one to “designate” the art space in our house. Thanks!!

  • Lazy Apples says:

    I have a 4 week old daughter, Rory, who had a rough night too, so we are just lounging around today. I just can't wait until she is old enough to do crafty projects! I've been wondering how you find the time to sew with three little ones around? I haven't gotten to hardly even glance at my machine since I had Rory.

  • RachelDenbow says:

    I've decided to do an different kind of activity for Sebastian for each day of the week and since Mondays can be hard, Mondays gets baking!

    No Pudge Brownies today!!!

    Maybe this organization thing might actually work this year!

    p.s. Thinking about starting a family sketchbook now that S is enjoying drawing more.

  • Knotted Nest says:

    Wow, what a colourful morning you're having! I actually love Monday mornings. They bring with them a sense of new beginnings.

    Today, I finished up some sewing, listed a few new items in the shop, worked on a painting, did laundry, and caught up on long overdue emails!

  • melissa says:

    on monday mornings, for the entire work week, i wake up at 6 AM to get to work at 8:30 AM. 🙁
    if only i could start off my mornings with arts and crafts!

  • wishing my morning had looked like this… beginning of the week chores like grocery shopping and laundry were on the agenda instead. here's to hoping that's our tuesday morning…

  • My day off…usually a lazy today, but today was a day that had a long list…almost there. OH, I LOVE MONDAYS!

  • mondays look like grocery shopping for me! as soon as we can get up and going we are there to beat the rush of other mom's who come while their kids are in school! 🙂

    tiny twig

  • Julie says:

    what a fun colourful monday morning that looks to be. I too have to do battle with my inner neat freak when it comes to crafting activities, especially with my older boy, who it seems is incapable of sitting still without making a mess, let alone anything involving craft, paint or mess! Monday morning meant baking time for us – fresh bread (delicious warm at lunchtime) and banana cake for packed lunches for the rest of the week for our boys, and for me and my girl at home. Yumms

  • Rubyellen says:

    i am glad to know that i am not the only one with an inner neat freak that slightly twitches at the mess the kids make! and oh baking on a monday morning?!! hmm… i ought to switch things up! but our baking will be done today!

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