the chalkboard canvas

January 8, 2010

I have had this vision of a chalkboard canvas for so long now and asked Ben to make it for me for Christmas. It was all I wanted along with an email to this company to try and finish our wedding video, which was almost 5 years ago. Anyways, like usual, Ben was able to deliver both requests, though we are still waiting for a reply to his email.

On Christmas morning, I got my chalkboard canvas and True got something special along with it. Anytime Ben asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she would say, “Snow.” We have no idea where she got that idea, but that is what she wanted. Living in southern California we really couldn’t give her that, so the next best option was Ben drew her snow.

True and I were both happy girls.
the chalkboard canvas
I love children’s art and wanted some grand way to display it, so I thought of a chalkboard canvas. Plus, I just love any kind of chalkboard so much!
Ben just took a large canvas and painted it with chalkboard paint. That way it is light enough to hang up and take down to draw on anytime. The girls had a blast drawing on it for the first time, but they did fight about who gets to draw on what side.
updating the canvas
Introducing their first official installment on the chalkboard canvas. The wonderful thing is that we can change it up weekly!
their art
We have our very own priceless piece of modern art hanging in our family room done by two of the world’s greatest artists.
Happy weekend everyone!!!

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