soul and boogie

March 15, 2011

soul and boogie
15 months. She calls me “mama”, but sometimes “papa” too. She does the same thing to Ben. Last month she walked around saying “this” to everything, and now she walks around saying, “buta, buta, buta…” but we have no idea what it means, but it is cute nonetheless. She adores her big sisters and wants to be wherever they are or do whatever they are doing. She loves eating veggies, but she also likes sweets (I think she has a balance of True and Brave). The greatest milestone of all is that she finally started holding her own sippy cup… yay!!!
My poor baby is also sick right now. She has had a fever for 3 days now and I am praying today is the day it finally breaks.
See her at fourteen and thirteen months, twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one month.
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