cutthroat kitchen obsessed

September 18, 2015

The weekend is upon us and that means Ben and I will be treated to another (a lot) of episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen featuring Chef Dietitian, Chef Hello Kitty, and Chef Pi. Since we first got introduced to that show back in July, all of our family movie nights have alternated between watching Cutthroat Kitchen and Star Wars. The girls have taken it and really run with it. They wanted us to film their “episodes” one afternoon, and they really set the timer to 30 minutes to allow the chefs to “cook.” Ben was running out of space on his phone and was trying to get them to condense their episode, but they wouldn’t budge.

It’s pretty cute to see their chef space set-up, the pantry, their suitcase of money, and them get all crazy about the sabotages. In one episode, Glow ended up having to use gummy bears to make pancake syrup! HA!

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