a yoda birthday… the four is strong in this one

September 17, 2015

We stayed home to celebrate her birthday, so she got the family tradition of breakfast in bed! She was saying she wanted to go to a hotel to celebrate her birthday, but the two weeks leading up to it she said she just wanted to stay home watch Star Wars and My Little Pony with a Yoda Party. I wasn’t sure how to interpret that Yoda idea, but I think she was delighted with the results. I love these quirky requests my kids have!

For breakfast, I made green tea french toasts (thank you nearby Asian bakery for carry green tea bread), and it turned out perfect to get in a bit of that Yoda-green. She chowed down on the giant stack of toasts all by herself! She doesn’t mess around when it comes to her birthday breakfast in bed.

Glow had this long list of things she wanted for her birthday (she dictated her list to True). It was basically a super long list of all things with “Yoda” in front of it. She wanted Yoda diapers, Yoda dress, Yoda flashlight, Yoda pajamas, and the list goes on. We had her pick her most favorite, and she said, “Yoda flashlight,” so we ended up ordering this talking one for her. Of course, she loved it (there is a no-talking one). I also made her a little Star Wars dress with fabric that she picked when we went to the fabric store. Her older sisters spent the days leading up to her birthday working hard in my office making her lots of Yoda presents. These kids take handmade gift giving to another level!

It was such a sweet celebration with homemade pizza and a homemade mint chocolate chip cake. Let me tell you… I went to the store to buy ingredients and spent about $30 and then another 4-5 hours later, we had this triple layer of sugar and butter with a Yoda on top. I was kind of thinking it would have been easier to buy one, but still, nothing beats a homemade Yoda cake, so my labor of love went to a worthy cause. I used this recipe, but did some of my own alterations here and there to make it a mint chocolate chip cake with some green food coloring and pure peppermint extract. At the end of her special day, she was beaming from ear to ear with all the birthday love and attention that was showered on her (and her Yoda flashlight was glued to her side). It’s a special role to be the baby of the family and she certainly relishes every bit of it that comes with being the littlest love. To our little Glow-da… may the FOUR be with you! 

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