opposite of skinny jeans

September 16, 2015

I’m glad wide legs and flares are back on the scene because I much prefer those over skinny jeans, and I never stopped wearing them anyway (proof here). Also, I”m loving all the high-waisted denim too, so these jeans that I scooped up from Zara (when it went on super sale) are so perfect. The fabric is really soft, so it’s wonderful for those hot days we’ve been having here (though we did get rain yesterday!). I don’t know the technical rules of fashion, and if those styles would be ideal on me since I’m so short, but whatever, I love them and will wear them anyway. Are you sticking to skinny jeans or are your legs ready for more breathing room?

on me: shirt, gap. jeans, zara (similar here). maguba clogs, c/o lotta from stockholm. bag, flea market.

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