I tippy toe for a kiss

July 1, 2013

my twin (again)my twin (again)DSC_0259While on one of our date nights last week, we totally set up our gorilla pod on the car to get pictures of the both of us together. As we were taking pictures, some random guy on a bike started taking pictures of us with his phone, so Ben was trying to smile and keep his eye on him at the same time, thus the result is a picture with Ben and a nervous smile. To be honest, the guy probably thought we were weirdos, so I’m sure he just got a kick out of some random couple in front of a random wall taking a random picture. It really is a strange thing to do.

And once again, Ben and I were getting ready for our date when we both start laughing because we noticed we’re both wearing white shirts and jeans. Matching outfits strikes again! Ben was going to change, but I told him to just leave it because it’s funny. Oh and don’t you love how I have to tippy toe up to give Ben a kiss?! Yup. I’m a shorty.

Happy July 1st!!!

on me: vintage levi’s jeans (total score!), ms. tips. top, handmade by me (see here). t-bar clogs, c/o Lotta from Stockholm. necklace, homako.

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