staring at the ceiling

October 9, 2014

staring at the ceilingstaring at the ceilingstaring at the ceilingstaring at the ceilingThe girls have swim, piano, and dance classes all on the same day, so I’m very strategic on how I plan out that day to make sure to complete all our lessons. Thus, I was just lying in bed that particular afternoon trying to catch my breathe from everything. In addition, I sprained my left knee, so that’s added an extra layer of frustration (and I was lying down trying to rest it). Well, my little brigade comes in, hops on my bed and starts getting in my face about this or that. My moments of silence and staring at the ceiling was interrupted by these little girls of mine.

I had one grab my camera, which wasn’t too far, and they started hamming it up when I started taking pictures of them above me. I love these girls so much, even though they probably can’t tell when I’m super frustrated and yelling. Ben came home and had plans to work on the front yard (our front yard is embarrassingly unkempt), so I decided I would take the girls out on a girls dinner date. They were really giddy about that idea, so off we went.

I let them choose the music for our drive, and of course, it was the Frozen soundtrack. We belted tunes together at the top of our lungs and totally let it go. We had dinner, and even bought dessert, and just chitchatted it up. My phone stayed in my purse. I don’t text or check anything on our special dates, I don’t even whip it out to snap a picture. It takes restraint though, I love taking pictures and capturing a moment with it (as proof above), but sometimes it’s good to just let things be.

I can’t wait for the weekend!


5 comments on “staring at the ceiling”

  • Katie says:

    I love how much you were in the moment and being mindful of it. I wish I could do that more. But when I’m frustrated and need a moment alone, its almost impossible to just relax and be in the moment. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Katrina says:

    You’re such a great mom! I love reading your blogs, it puts me back on track everytime, so thank you!

  • cristina says:

    Im wondering if you could post a blog on what you do on the busy days for lunches? i do home school co op on fridays and i find it so hard to leave the house early and have them eat breakfast is almost impossible and then preparing a decent lunch that morning or the day before is crazy also haha. I’m not used to having to prepare for a busy day when I’m home 4 days out of 5 school days.

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