give me some chocolate

February 18, 2010

Otherwise, I am gonna end up eating this baby cause she’s so sweet!

She has some funny out takes here and here.
I really do want some chocolate, but since I started working out, I am trying to stay away from unnecessary calories. I had chocolate in my house and I would nibble at it, maybe nibble was the wrong word, maybe more like devour it, so I kicked the chocolate out and sent it home with my two sisters. Chocolate is the one thing that is hard for me to have in moderation. I don’t think moderation and chocolate go together. Nope, definitely not.
I have spent the last two days finishing up a project and Brave and True have spent it watching tv. Oh boy! If you read my daily, you didn’t see a tv time because we don’t watch television. Though, these past two days they have and now they are asking me for YoGabbaGabba (did I even spell that right?). So this morning I will let them watch tv one last time just so I can clean up the horrendous mess that I made, but they will not see it again for a very, very long while.
Also, please forgive me if I have yet to reply to your email. I am behind, but now that I am done with my project I will get to those in the next couple of days! In addition, if you ask a question or something on a blog post, check that post as that is where I reply. Good news… I will have some goodies up in the shop very soon.
Hello Thursday! I hope you are a good day for everyone!

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