March 6, 2012

This series is brought to you by Levi’s® Curve ID. Find your custom fit at Levi’s® stores or Levi.com.
Wowzers! I am so excited and honored to be part of this Levi’s® Curve ID campaign and to finally be able to share with all of you. Though, some of you have already seen this little documentary floating about the internet as a commercial on Hulu or YouTube (some of you even found your way here because of it). It merges me, our family, crafting, fashion, and blogging all together in one. Now, you actually get to put a voice behind the writing…
I gotta say that the Levi’s® Curve ID quiz is the simplest ever. It really got it all right for me. Besides the length (because I am really short), my main problem is that gaping I experience at the back of my jeans. I don’t really like flashing all those behind me (I don’t think they like it either) when I sit, so when I got my curve figured out, and tried on the appropriate pair, problem solved! Seriously.
Also, going back to length, Levi’s® offers most their jeans in a shorter length, which worked well for me too. No alterations necessary. That is always a plus!
I love the Levi’s® Curve ID motto of fitting for the shape, not the size. It makes sense, doesn’t it?! We all are so different and it just makes sense to have jeans catered to all our different shapes. It is a celebration of diversity. I think that’s kinda genius!
I got two pairs from Levi’s® for the shoot, but I really loved them so much, that I even bought my own pair in a straight leg. Just like I said in video, “I like all different types for all different occasions,” so I wanted to add a different style to my collection! If I am home, I usually like to wear skinnies or straight leg, but if I am going on a date with Ben, I love to throw on a pair of flares! Jeans are just so great cause they are easy to dress up and dress down.
wearing denim
wearing denimwearing denim
wearing denim
I know, the most popular pant style right now are skinnies, and this is the pair I own, but I suggest trying out the straights and the flares too because they are equally as lovely and comfy!
So tell me, what kind of things do you look for in a good pair of jeans? I suggest giving the Levi’s® Curve ID quiz a shot and it may just work well for you… it did for me!
BTW- If you told my 16 year old self, who was so badly wanting a pair of Levi’s® but would only buy the less desirable colors because they were on sale, that one day I might be in a Levi’s® commercial that played on the internet, I probably would have peed in my pants from the excitement. Really. No joke. Thanks Levi’s®, I really do like you…

P.S. Special thanks to Scott Compton and Remedy Editorial for putting together a great video!!! They all put my family at such ease and made it feel comfortable to be in front of the camera. Remedy Editorial, I really like you guys too…

P.P.S. Levi’s® is offering 15% off your order using the coupon code: MYCAKIES at checkout. Offer expires at 11:59pm PST on Wednesday 3/21. Fantastic right?!!

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