July 10, 2012

Welcome. Cakies has a new home! Well, a web home to be clear. We are currently going through our home home and streamlining and changing, so it was time to do that to my blog too. Change was needed. I think it was a mighty good one in fact. The person responsible for this design is Joy Laforme via Sage and Berries (my friend Alice did the cakies logotype) and I think she did a splendidly good job with everything! Especially  for putting up with the wanna-be graphic designer in me. I tell you, I am neurotic. And just to be sure I was using that word correctly, I just googled it, and yep, that’s me. With all my crazy requests, Joy got everything exactly right. She’s good people (look at her  blog and shop, and aren’t these iphone cases pretty?!!).

This new layout is so simple and so clear. You want some categories? Well, it is over there on your right! If you want to pin something… then just scroll over the image and a “pin it” button will come up. Have some questions for me? I may just answer some of them here.  Need to facebook or tweet or share something? Well, see that little minty dot at the bottom of the post, scroll over it, and you can share! I love the simplicity and the functionality of it all. Oh and if that wasn’t enough, you can even follow the Cakies facebook page here and the other little pretty social icons on the right can lead you to other social media places you will find me.

You may have noticed that I have also partnered with Federated Media and will on occasion work with brands in this space. I did the Levi’s thing, which was fun, and I am sure strange for you to hear my voice (it’s strange for me too) and my most recent one with Dreyer’s here. Just like that most recent one, the content is still me and was still cohesive with this space and my life. I love blogging and am grateful for the opportunities that have come as a result of it. Yes, I am a mom, who blogs, and sometimes it’s about my kids, sometimes it’s about food, sometimes it’s about how to make something, it’s pretty much random little slices of my life. Remember though, these bits are just snapshots and never the whole.

I am not going to lie, I think the blog world is a very deceiving place. It is dangerously deceiving. You can come here (or any other blog space) and admire what you see, but please don’t let me deceive you. If you see a clean and clearly styled room (like above) it probably looked like a tornado ripped through it right after the picture was taken (see bottom pictures) and most other times. It’s the reality with four kids. I have hideous messes (proof here and here), I sit on the potty and do my business, and, on occasion, pass stinky gas too. Just on occasion though, most times it comes out like roses! Bloggers aren’t aren’t anything special or the shizzle (no offense), they are just random normal people who decided to let you peek in, but they go through everything you do too. Think about that next time you are sitting on the potty. So as you read blogs (mine or anyone else), read with appreciation (love how my friend Frances phrased it), and not with envy because envy is not good for anyone.

Last blog tip… only read blogs you like. There was a blog that I liked, then I didn’t like, but would still check in to see the train wreck that was occurring in that space, but that would just fuel negativity in me and well, I didn’t like it, so I just stopped reading it. Sometimes it’s hard to look away from a wreck isn’t it?!! You don’t have to love every blog out there, there are tons of people sharing and I am sure you can find one that really just resonates positively with you and some that won’t. Don’t read the ones that don’t. I don’t think I am for everyone and please if you don’t care for what you see here, don’t waste your time. You really have better things to do with it.

Okay, I don’t know how a “Welcome to my site” turned into that, but I think those are important things that need to be said. Well, to all of you who take the time to pop in here, thank you and I hope you continue to stick around! There may be a few kinks with the new site, so if you see any, just let me know in the comments or if you like it (or don’t like it) feel free to say so too! Thanks friends!!!

 *In the move, some formatting was lost, so if the old posts have long paragraphs, forgive the mistake, but I just don’t have time to fix every post. My neurotic self wants to, but there is just only so many hours in a day.

42 comments on “HOME”

  • melissa says:

    I like your new site! looks great. and i love your blog and enjoy seeing slices of your creativity & everyday life with your lovely family, so I’ll continue to read:)

  • Welcome to your new space! I love it and am excited for this change, for you.

    You’re right-the web can breed negativity but only if we let it and I agree that we need to guard our hearts and minds. I love your blog, it makes me happy (smile, actually!) and that is why I will keep visiting.

  • I LOVE IT! It’s you, even better! I’ll be pinning you to my blog inspiration file to keep as an example of crisp, clear design. I seriously adore it. And now that you have switched the title to the left, it doesn’t get cut off when I read on my tiny little notebook computer screen, instead of my big desk top.

    Also, I love the happy vibe here and your sunshiny self, which is why I come to this blog. XO!

  • jo says:

    new site looks great!

  • Mandy says:

    Congrats on the new blog! It looks so clean and nice! 🙂

  • Meg says:

    Hi Ruby!
    I love the new blog space! It looks really clean and easy to use!
    I also love the colour changes!
    congratulations 🙂
    xx Meg

  • misha lulu says:

    Love the new lay out so good and your house looks amazing!!!! I am so happy I can leave comments again!

  • It looks fantastic, as does your living room! I like what you said about only reading blogs you like. Sometimes I worry that some people only read my blog to pick at it which is also just terrible to do to myself but that’s their thing! Thanks!!

  • Christine Gibson says:

    I love that you keep it real 🙂

  • Ms. Tips says:

    Congratulations on your move!! It looks fantastic, so excited for you!

  • Kiki says:

    Congrats on the amazing new look! I love it’s simplicity and the new color palette. Joy did an amazing job and I can’t wait to see what else your blog has in store!

    p.s. I totally agree with you on those blog tips + truths. So true. Even for a little blogger like me.

  • Tang says:

    Congrats! I totally thought you house-moved at first. I love the new site and the clean and awesome look! Looking forward to seeing more. 🙂

  • Serena says:

    Looking forward to visiting you on your new site! love that you didn’t shock my system with a crazy layout, love your simplicity and always your honesty!

  • Deborah says:

    Congrats on the new space! I was so giddy when I finally switched over from my wordpress blog to a regular site/link. It was exhilarating. I just wish I could’ve leaned on other people’s skills, because for me it was a lot of hair pulling and a few tears. It looks great!!! Fantastic job.

  • margaret says:

    love the new grownup site, and somehow your first post came out with a new grownup voice too! love that you constantly remind us that there is more going on behind the scenes. it’s a happy and positive space and i love visiting. i also had the same realization about needing to stop following the blogs-i-loved-to-hate. too much negativity!! congrats and thanks for sharing.

  • Diana says:

    I just like to see that you enjoy life. That’s all.
    I’m glad your place looks nice. But what really moves me is the joy I see in your face and your children’s faces in your photos.
    I see the mix of emotions.
    It’s all good.

    I also like the idea of keeping your FUEL clean…
    IE – reading posts that actually make you feel good instead of fueling the agitation.
    You are so right now.
    GOODNESS is always our best.
    I think that’s why they having a Great-Attitude: Gratitude! 😉


  • elsie says:

    your new space is beautiful! i love it + the organization is great! 😀

  • kristin says:

    congratulations on the new space, so fresh and clean! i’ve been a longtime cakies reader (at least two babies ago, hehe) and i know i’ll be sticking around for a long time. you have a fun, inspiring, thoughtful blog and i’m happy to keep following along with whatever you care to share! 🙂

  • francine says:

    you’re great! &&hilarious!! congrats on the new site!

  • T says:

    Love LOVE the new look! And your beautiful home.

  • Ruby!! The new blog looks AMAZING!! 🙂 Congratulations!!! 🙂

  • silvy says:

    hi ruby! i love the new site! looks great! congratulations! love love, silvy

  • silvy says:

    ps LOVE the PIN option!!!

  • Kira says:

    Love the new look, Ruby, commenting is so much easier now! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

  • Keri-Anne says:


    oh i love the new space, congrats on the move xx

  • jodi says:

    I really love the new space. 🙂 And I SO love what you said about not filling your blog feed with blogs you don’t really love. Truth! 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    I think one of the reasons why I enjoy reading your blog is your willingness to let the readers know that life is not always cake. And that’s the reality of life. It happens to all of us. However, you serve up just the right amount and usually give ways in which you can handle those situations better in the future. And that, my lady, is why I love coming here. I’m all for complaining/venting but when we can look at it from a different view and it makes us think in a different way, I’m all for that. So I appreciate your willingness to share with all of us. I know it has helped me through a rough patch and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • Hillary says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Laura says:

    Yeah for your beautiful new blog home. I always love your blog. It is such a happy pick me with projects I can actually do with my kids and reality checks about what life is really like and really all about. Oh, and I love you for children’s fashion inspiration. I quote your kids outfits on my kids all the time! Thank you for letting us into these little slices of your life. And congratulations on streamlining your real home, too. It is looking so simple and lovely. xo.

  • mycakies says:

    thank you all! i am so happy you all like the new layout. i love it! joy put a lot of work into it to make it just perfectly what i wanted! and thank you so much for your constant encouraging words. you make this space a wonderful place for me to keep coming back to. thank you!!! xoxo

  • Hilary says:

    I’ve read your blog for about a year now. I’m just one of those non-commenters. I love this post! How very true. I enjoy that you blog about your faith as well. Not many people seem to do that. I try to on our blog. If you have time, or would even like to, you can read about us here: http://funkyfreshfraziers.blogspot.com/p/about.html

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Charlotte says:

    I love your blog so much – have followed it for years – and wanted to send you lots of best wishes for your new web ‘home’! It looks super snazzy and you must be so proud of how it’s turned out.
    Charlotte xxx
    ps. I’m still dying to hear the rest of the love story of you and Ben 🙂

  • Deirdre says:

    Congrats on the new site…and authenticity (tidy and gassy) is why I keep coming back! I love my cakies!

  • Well said about blogging and the blogging world! 🙂 Love your new space. And your new floors.

    We finally put floors in our 6+year old house a couple of weeks ago and I’ve always wanted white stained floors – but then started to think of going with a dark stain until I saw yours. I love my new white floors – and am so glad I went with them! (So, thanks for unintentionally influencing me to stick with my gut and going with what I knew I would love!)

    I love following along with you because you always give us doses of reality (i.e. fights with your husband, craziness of having kids, and house messes). You keep it real and that’s what I love the most because those things happen to all of us – or at least most of us! because I sure as heck know they happen to me. 🙂 So, thanks for letting us take a little peak into your life and for all that you inspire us with through your blog!

    ~ Jennifer

  • frances says:

    Great post! Great reminders… Not sure if you read this one, but this one was great too! http://www.challies.com/christian-living/competitive-mothering utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A%20challies%2FXhEt%20%28Challies%20Dot%20Com%29

    Happy 7th!!!

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  • Sarah says:

    I really like that bed/couch! Where did you get it from?

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