June 28, 2012

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Road trips definitely make me smile.

Whew! After 10 days of being gone, we are finally home safe and sound. Road trips are fun, but definitely intense. Though based on the number of smiles I got from my girls while trekking along, it was definitely all worth it. There were 3 major stops on the agenda (AbernathySan Antonio, and South Texas) and over 4,000 miles now added to our car.
We really love road trips. The thought of planning another brings a smile to my face and gets me excited! Flying with all the kids can rack up some bucks quick, so getting in the car and going is pretty much our MO. This was the first time with all 4 and it wasn’t bad at all. I think the girls do really well on road trips. There were just 2 fights between the big girls, though there were several tantrums from #3. I think it’s just that when it comes to nap time, Soul doesn’t know what to do with herself, so she kind of combusts. And the baby, well, she did fantastic! Ben and I take turns driving, we had our special road trip playlist, so we did a whole lot of singing and I did a whole lot of dancing. Not to mention, I just love seeing all the different terrains we pass and simply admiring how beautiful nature is. All of these things combined make for lots of good memories and lots of smiles.

So tell me, what has been making you smile lately?


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