scenes from our love-ly day

February 15, 2010

First thing in the morning, with a gerbera daisy in hand, Ben went to each of his little girls and said, “Will you be my Valentine?” And each of them said, “Yes.” Soul said yes in her own special way. After that, Brave and True kept bringing us random toys asking us to be their Valentine. It was real sweet.
his valentines
The day was a lovely busy day as it was my first day back at church since giving birth, so it was Soul’s first time at church. My valentine’s request was that we all go to the flea market after church, so galavanting to the flea market is what we did.
her first valentine's daylove day funpicking out tiny toys at the fleamy big girlslove day '10
We got home in the evening, got some sushi treats for all of us, but fed the girls first, then gave them their love day gifts and sent them off to bed. We wanted some quiet alone time to finish our celebrating, so with candlelight in our room, we spent together eating yummy sushi in bed. This is our new love day tradition. We don’t want to brave the crowds and long waits to eat out. We liked being home.
soulloving her love day gift
Now, I am sure you are wondering what Ben did for me for Valentine’s Day. Well, he definitely did something completely sweet and utterly romantic that it deserves its own post and it would take a bit longer to do, so I will have to share it later, probably this evening. Let’s just say that I am one lucky girl and a whole lot of kissing was involved! Of course, I gave a Ben a few little somethings and one of them is this little story.
Hope your day was just as lovely!

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