scallops, fringe, and easter egg hunts

April 5, 2010

Christ the Lord is risen and this is how we celebrated…
I opted not to sew something for Easter dresses and had some vintage dresses for each girl saved just for the occasion. True’s dress had a cute scalloped collar and Brave’s had scallops going down the middle.
Soul got a vintage dress, but also some mama-made leather shoes with a bit of fringe.
I wanted this one, but didn’t know how to get it from Korea to me nor did I understand the website. Then, I remembered I had some scraps of leather, so I decided to make my own.
Each girl was happy and if you asked them, “Why do we celebrate Easter?” They would say, “Jesus is alive!”
their happy faces after the first huntsoul
The day was also filled with family and Easter egg hunts, and we still used our Easter bags from last year, but just made another one just for Soul. The first hunt started at home before going to church. The second one was at Grammie and Grumpy’s house… and when money is hidden in the eggs, you better believe us big kids join in and it gets a bit competitive! Don’t worry the sparkly eggs were off limits as those were just for the little girls. Everyone had a lot of fun!
egg hunt at homeeaster egg hunteaster egg hunteaster egg hunteaster egg hunteaster egg hunt
happy easter!
Hope your Resurrection weekend was just as lovely! Gosh, is it Monday already?!!
p.s. Don’t forget the giveaways.

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