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May 3, 2010

Grandmama (Ben’s mom) came for a quick trip this weekend. We jam packed it with a lot of good family time and a lot of fun. She is an avid gardener and came with us to the L.A. Garden Show. We all thought it was the coolest ever and will be even more prepared next year. Ben came home with 15 different tomato varieties and I came home with some really fantastic ferns. They are seriously the most fantastic things ever as far as house plants go. Once, I have them up I will share it.
After the garden show, we came home, cleaned up, dropped off our plants and made our way to the beach, but not before we stop by to pick up some Sprinkles… yum! Then, we ended the evening with a yummy dinner right by the sea and a walk admiring the ocean and sunset. Oh how I wish we came to the beach more often!
pretty treesl.a. garden showplantingl.a. garden showl.a. garden showsoul at the garden showgrandmama and the girls at laguna beachbirds and a big rock
Now the weekend is done. How is it that is always flies by?!! Lots of things to do this week, as usual, but all I want to do is cuddle and stay warm in bed. Anyone else feel the same?
Hello Monday! It is nice to see you again.

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  • Cara says:

    Incredibly beautiful little girlies you got there!


  • Misha Lulu says:

    great photos!I can't wait to see your new plants!
    I am glad you guys went to the show!
    Ben's mom is cute and of course the girls are super!

  • Meg says:

    sounds like a fantastic weekend! those photos are gorgeous. love the one of the peacock – the only place i've ever seen a peacock is the zoo!

  • Kim says:

    so fun!! 🙂

    i do feel the same. i had a lonnnng weekend and would want nothing more than to go back to bed. alas, more orders to fill and ship!

    happy monday ruby ellen!

  • Sara says:

    15 kinds of tomatoes??
    Who knew there were that many!!!

    love the pics…please, help me..
    I know you posted this somewhere, but, I just got my new camera (see my latest post!!!)

    What editing program do you use with your pictures??

  • Wow are those Dahlia's? Colorful photo's and i think the girls have a loving & hip granny 🙂

  • Kristi says:

    Your girls look so much their grandmama. Special.

  • WOW! These are some seriously fantastic photos!!!!! And that's awesome you left with soo many plants, I love planting my own veggies and fruits! We plant green onions and it is the best idea ever, it's such a versatile veggie to throw in a lot of dishes so it's great that we can just pick them and throw them in our dishes!

  • Laura says:

    oooh…i'd love to hear more about your tomato plants…we started some in pots on our balcony (black ethiopian and isis candy cherry tomatoes). on mondays, I'd love to stay in bed…if only my girls would let me :).

  • kim says:

    you are so inspiring! i've spent a good chunk of my weekend catching up on your blog… mainly the craft posts. i cant wait to get back into the swing of things. just thought you should know!!

    ps. you are so blessed, such a beautiful family.

  • mama p. says:

    wow, those colours (and girls) are so beautiful
    what camera did you use here?
    love your blog 😀

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