DIY: garden markers

June 24, 2010

We have been needing some garden markers to mark all our different vegetables, especially the tomatoes since we have over 20 varieties currently growing. I really liked this one from Terrain and this one that Stephanie brought over from France, but sold rather quickly in her shop, so with a little inspiration from both, I made my own. This was actually part of Ben’s father’s day surprise (I will tell you about it tomorrow). Ben was very happy to have something to mark all his, I mean our, tomatoes! It all looks especially pretty in the garden.
– 10” paint stirrers
– chalkboard paint (or black paint)
– 1” paint brush
white china marker (grease pencil)
garden marker diy
The easy peasy directions: Paint all the paint stirrers (back, front, and sides) with chalkboard paint (I think using black paint would work just as well, since you aren’t using chalk). Let dry before painting each side. Apply two coats. Voila! Easy, right?
garden marker diy
I found the china marker, which is typically used to mark glass, at a local art store.
garden marker diy
We then packaged it up nicely as part of Ben’s father’s day gift.
garden marker diy
The china marker writes and stays nicely on the paint. Water will not remove the writing, but when it does need to be removed, just wipe off with some baby oil and a piece of cloth or paper towel. Thus, your garden marker can be used over and over again!
garden marker diy
Doesn’t it look so sweet there in front of the tomato plant?
garden marker diygarden marker diy
And as I was writing out the garden markers, I noticed that some tomato plants have some pretty rad names… Like Cherokee Purple or Pink Firefly tomatoes! Who knew tomato names were so cool and pretty themselves?!!
This was such an easy little project (that I ended up making 60 of them) and is perfect for any garden or as a gift for garden loving friend!
p.s. ben informs me i spelled one of the tomato names wrong. it is dr. wyche’s with a y, not a v. oh well. good thing this is not a spelling tomato names tutorial!

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