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July 30, 2010

Friday, already? Wow. I am totally glad! It has been nice getting things back to normal around here and I can see my floor again now that everything has been cleaned up (kinda). Yesterday, I caught up on most my emails and went through iphoto deleting tons of pictures because we are running out of space on our computer. I am snap happy so we had tons of doubles, triples, quadruples from one shot, so you can imagine how full our hard drive is.
Also, one thing I have gathered from some of your emails is that many of you are requesting more recipes, is that right? We will hopefully try to get more out there, but it is difficult cause I am not the cook and Ben doesn’t blog. I must convince him to get on this space and share what he cooks! Something, I am looking forward to is the cooking that will utilize our freshly planted herbs. We planted them in some vintage French tins and I think they look most lovely that way. I went back and forth between planting them all together in a bucket, or in the garden bed, but I really like the look of this much better.
herb container gardenour herbsherb container garden
There are still a few herbs I would like to get like garlic chives and another cilantro because the one we had died, but currently we have basil, sage, tarragon, hot & spicy oregano, and chives. Anyone have any other herb recommendations?
I am planning to do a shop update sometime Monday morning, which will include these dollhouse pillows (includes a giant one). I meant to do it today, but Friday snuck up so fast, so it will have to wait until Monday.
Time to get started on my Friday… I am craving Indian food, so I am hoping we can get some tonight. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet another Cakies sponsor!
p.s. My sister is hosting a giveaway and has a little interview. Plus a couple weeks ago, I did a short bit about our summer table for The Stir. Check it out here (scroll down to see ours).

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