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June 23, 2011

I am sure any behind the scenes of any photo shoot is always interesting, but it is especially interesting when it involves kids! We had the Fall/Winter Misha Lulu shoot today and this was the shyest True has ever been. She clung to my leg for the first thirty minutes and even when it was her time in front of the camera, the photographer handed me his camera for a bit to get her comfortable. My big girl is oh so shy!
behind the scenes of misha lulu shoot
behind the scenes of misha lulu shootbehind the scenes of misha lulu shootbehind the scenes of misha lulu shoot
The coming line for Misha is oh so good. They are always good and every new season they just keep getting better. Also, Karen has something special up her sleeve this time around that will make all the little girls hearts’ melt.
behind the scenes of misha lulu shoot
A fun thing between outfit changes is that all the adults there get to chat. Heather (3 Ring Circus) was there (and her adorable Pippi), so it is always fun catching up and exchanging stories, especially hearing about her thrifting adventures. Gosh… that lady always scores big in the vintage department! And she gifted us with the cutest vintage shoes (pictured above). I mean just look at those teeny little bluebirds. Be still my vintage lovin’ heart! Soulie was already trying to put them on as I was taking a picture. That baby of mine is definitely a shoe girl! Thanks Heather, we love it!!!

The girls were exhausted and tired, but happy as clams because Karen always sends them home with little goodies (Thank you Karen!). We fought traffic home, relaxed a bit, then I headed back out to go help the sister with wedding dress shopping. It was such a full, full day!!!

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