carving out “me” time

February 26, 2015

me timeYou can imagine how crazy our days are (I’ve shared our schedule here), so it’s natural that I need some “me” time somewhere. On the weekends, if there’s time to sneak away by myself, I’ll go to my craft room to sew. This weekend, things were a bit crazy with Ben being sick, so when there was a quiet moment, I disappeared for a little to play with some fabric and my sewing machine. That’s when I sewed the trapeze dress above (inspired by this dress). I don’t sew just because I want a new outfit (the result is nice perk though!); it is just relaxing for me to do something like that for myself… my own form of “self-care” you could say. It’s partially why I don’t ever do a step-by-step tutorial on the clothes I make because once I start, I just go, and don’t want to stop and take pictures. It’s my time in peace, just me and the sewing machine. I’m thankful I’ve been able to sneak in a few moments like these lately.

me timeme timeOn a more regular basis, I try to carve out some “me” time after dinner. If Ben works a regular schedule (he’s been doing more late nights lately and those days are long for me), he’s home and he will finish up cleaning dinner and getting the kids to bed. I take that time as an opportunity to take care of things I need to (e.g. emails, blog, or projects). I try to be done with that around 8:30-ish so that I can chillax a little before bed. Chillaxing usually involves some Netflix, or catching up on one of my shows on Hulu, or I’ll just read. I’ve been pouring over my latest book on antique jewelry (I haven’t even shared with you how much I love learning about antique jewelry… it’s a dangerous hobby I tell you!).

Once I’m relaxing, and if I’m feeling a little hungry, I’ll have a little bit of ice cream. Thus, when Skinny Cow reached out and asked if I wanted to try out Skinny Cow’s Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars (which are delicious by the way), it was easy to say yes. Their ice cream bar was the perfect indulgent treat during my “me” time. Ben will occasionally join me in the ice cream indulging from time to time too. Of course, his serving is probably a lot less than mine. HA!

me timeI know for my mom, her “me” time is journaling and having some chocolate (I’m sure she would like Skinny Cow’s Blissful Truffle Candy Bar). She has stashes of chocolate bars she keeps for herself all over the house, so no one will find them (my baby sister knows where they are though!). My middle sister is a coffee person (Skinny Cow’s creamy iced coffee would be her thing), so that’s her idea of “me” time and binge watching Gilmore Girls. My baby sister’s “me” time would be closing the door to her room and dancing wildly. Ben’s “me” time is out in the garden, though he likes to do that with me, so maybe it’s not quite “me” time. I think he’s such an introvert when he’s at work, so when he gets home he doesn’t need “me” time, and he likes doing everything together (if possible).

One thing I miss doing from college days is eating out alone. I enjoyed the freedom in that, but it’s been many, many years since that’s happened. Maybe I should make it a goal to eat out by myself for some “me” time in the near future. Lives are busy for all of us, so making “me” time is important, for yourself, your sanity, and everyone who has to be around you all the time. Don’t you think?! What’s your ideal “me” time look like?


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11 comments on “carving out “me” time”

  • I eventually might hide my sweet stuff too, hahahaha guilty me…
    In the past years I really started to appreciate my “me” time and I would say it´s one of the most important things of my life, because it really helps to get to your inner middle and regain strenght for the daily life, which sometimes is just way too busy and fast moving


  • Hannah says:

    Wow, the dress is lovely!

    I love ‘me time’ (: both me and my boyfriend are introverts so quiet ‘hang out’ time happens a lot. I work full time during the week so on Friday nights I like to just hang out and knit or read while he does one of his hobbies in the same room (or we will watch some netflix or a movie). Then we are recharged for fun adventures during the weekend!

    I also wanted to say I’m really impressed with how many things you accomplish each day! it is very inspiring (:

    • Rubyellen says:

      That’s what our weeknights look like. I’m doing my thing with netflix or a book, and he’s in the room too just reading articles on gardening. Friday night though, we have dinner together and watch a movie. Then, weekend is filled with kids and usually gardening!

  • Christine says:

    I LOVE this post! It’s real life wrapped in ice cream! My ME time, if you ask me, is watching Cupcake Wars or reading blogs. My husband, on the other hand, is photography. In fact, last night (while I was putting the kids down) he went for an ATM run at the supermarket. Instead of running home afterwards he opted to sit in his car, working on an Instagram photo. He needed alone time. Ironically he was parked in front of a 31 Flavors when he noticed a woman, sitting adjacent to him, slowly enjoying her ice cream from Baskin Robbins – lick by lick. There they were – two adults needing ME time. One working on photos, the other enjoying ice cream. Let’s face it, we’ll take ME time at any opportunity. 🙂

    With Love,

  • Jo says:

    Wow. That is a gorgeous dress that you made. I’m always amazed by how gifted you are. How could sewing be your downtime? (Yes, I totally wish I knew how to sew. ;o)

    Thank you, Rubyellen, as always, for such a lovely post! (It’s my first time saying hello although I’ve been a huge huge fan of your beautiful family for years. :o)

    PS. I always wondered what the Skinny Cow ice creams taste like. I’m totally going to try some this week! Thank you!

    • Rubyellen says:

      Thank you so much! And I think you could totally learn how to sew (don’t forget I have a book out that can teach you!). And thank you for sayinh “hello!” I really do appreciate you taking the time. Yesterday, I went to the store to pick up Skinny Cow’s Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream bar… yummy!!! Try that one first!

  • Denise says:

    Good to have a mix of me time go to’s, I think. Mine are exercising, painting, baking reading , blog hopping and taking naps. Depending on where my energy levels are and the type of head space I need at the particular time helps determine what kind of me time I take. But I do make sure I get some everyday. Hanging out with is a very refreshing time for me but of which I don’t do nearly as much as I should. I’m thinking I’m sorely in need of that kind of time now. Good on you for taking time out for yourself. As mothers, our to do lists are never short or finished, but being kind to ours elves should head the top of it.

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