the fig cuttings take root

February 27, 2015

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About one month later (see post about it here), and the fig cuttings have grown some roots (along with other body parts like baby stems). Since we’re about set with the fig trees we plan to go with in the raised bed out back, these cuttings have allowed for some flexibility to experiment. And since it’s really nothing pressing, other things have taken priority in the backyard.

But a result of the roots jumping out of the containers, we’ve been forced into the next step, out of concern that the experiment would die prematurely! Not knowing any better, we placed them in a potting medium in small pots, but we read shortly after that this new home of potting soil might be too moist. We learned that a preferred medium consists of 60% Perlite and 40% finer vermiculite; a preferred container is a clear, tall plastic cup so you can see if the roots are developing. We shall continue to experiment! And with the weekend finally upon us, comes more gardening…


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  • dunya says:

    About growing fig trees… My maternal aunt has been growing them in Turkey for years. Every time a new branch stems out from the grown tree trunk, she cuts the bottom part of a plastic bottle (clear small pop bottle) and puts the bottle on the newly growing branch from the lid side, so the cut bottom part is facing the sky. then she fills the bottle about one third with soil. and be hold a few weeks later the roots are seen. Anytime a neighbor, a friend or relative comments on how delicious her figs are, she will cut that newly rooted branch from the tree trunk with the bottle still around it, put the cap on the bottle so no soil falls out and gift it like a flower bouquet to the commenter. She says the secret to growing the most sweetest figs is lots of prayer to the Creator Almighty God and pouring a bucket of water around the soil of the tree trunk every night in the summer time. You just reminded me of my childhood. Thanks…

  • katie f says:

    we moved in to our house in sept and are now the proud parents of 2 mature fig trees. Both looked so sad and honestly near death back then (all summer, no water) but I have been nurturing them back to health. I am SO HAPPY to see our new buds and gorgeous perfect bright green leaves. So incredibly gratifying. I am curious to watch your figs grow, too!

    • Rubyellen says:

      What a wonderful present! I can’t wait to see ours grown too! It feels like it takes forever with these gardening projects.

  • You did a great job! Slowily moving them out of the greenhouse shade and gradually into full sun is an important part of their growth to their final home

  • It is wonderful present. You are so clever, i love you so much

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