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June 11, 2009

Okay, so with this pregnancy, I have not wanted to get online, let alone really get too near a computer, so I am behind in emails, blogging, pretty much anything that involves a computer. Also, the sum of my days involve laying in bed and well… laying in bed, not too exciting to share around these parts. I am sure you don’t want daily pictures of me and the girls chillin’ in my messy room. Therefore, I have dubbed Wednesdays… Wedding Wednesdays. At least for now, and my life and body returns back to being somewhat human. Plus, our anniversary is in a little over a month so I thought this would be a nice way to reminisce.

I have mentioned before that “chicken and lamb” was a little theme that ran throughout our whole courtship and even wedding thanks to Dave Matthews, so we did a little play on that for our guestbook. I got this unusually long book at Anthropologie, which I just had to snatch up, despite the fact the colors didn’t match the wedding, but the size was perfect for what we wanted to do. 

Align Centerthe guestbook
We had our very talented friend, Jose, create a carnival cut-out of sort for guests to take pictures in. It was pretty big and sturdy as it was made of wood, I think it was about 4’x6′. It was a very nice size. Actually, it is still sitting in my parents’ garage. The piece was based on a “chicken and lamb” painting Ben had given me when we were dating. Guests got behind it, someone took a polaroid of them, then they stuck it to the book and signed it. Now looky here, there we are almost 4 years ago…
ben and me
guest pictures and signing
guest pictures and signing

I think it was a lot of fun and it is so special going back to see everyone who was there and to read what they wrote. I still remember the feelings of that day so vividly. So surreal. So in love. So just absolutely dreamy. 
I think by the time I am done with my wedding sharing you are going to be so sick of “chicken and lamb” things, cause trust me… it was everywhere (at least in small details). Maybe I should just call it “chicken and lamb” wednesdays.
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8 comments on “wedding wednesday”

  • Sara says:

    just when i thought you couldn't possibly get any cuter or more creative…

  • Nakki says:

    Great idea. A friend of mine did a similar thing; Polaroid pics of the guest list with whatever you want to write. I loved the idea. Very clever. I also like your blog! I “happened” upon via Freepeople blog back when they show cased you have been following since…keep creating!

  • Los Jones says:

    that's so cute.
    we did polaroids for our guestbook too.
    can't wait to see more wedding things. 🙂

  • Rubyellen says:

    thanks all!!!

    sara- you are too nice!

  • melindakimbo says:

    wedding wednesday……….

  • Rubyellen says:

    lin- hurry up and tell your boyfriend to propose so i can start planning your wedding and wedding wednesday can continue!!!

  • melissa says:

    I love the “chicken and lamb” photos; hilarious!

  • ~3iNnA~ says:

    Thats was a terrific idea…chicken and lamb…laughing. Thats funny. I had to come back again to see the pictures. I was sick so I couldn't focus. We have similar guestbook also for our wedding & to look back and smile (I will post it on our anniversary…its next month also). I know how you feel…thinking about that day and sharing your day to whoever listen…*smiling* its terrific to see others wedding events…Looking forward to reading more.

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