out to school: 2/3

September 18, 2012

sunshine & rainbowsDSC_5337 copysunshine & rainbowsAnother day at school together, means another day to solidify being buds and more memories together. They always come home with the best stories and they tell me they are excited to go to school to share with their friends all that they are studying at home, especially what they are learning about Egypt. They love Egypt and now they know all about King Tut, but pictures of mummies scare them a bit. Heck! Mummies scare me a bit too. As much as homeschooling does present its challenges patience-wise, I do love this extra time I get to spend teaching my girls, especially when it is a subject they take joy in learning.

These girls of mine are delightful. Yes, sometimes they make me nutso (I think that’s normal), but overall, they really are sunshines & rainbows.

on true: shirt and skirt, misha lulu. shoes, vintage. on brave: dress, designed by true. leggings, target. shoes, salt-waters.

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