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September 18, 2012

around these partsaround these partsaround these partsaround these partsaround these partsBen and I woke up Sunday morning feeling horrible. We’re both still feeling pretty cruddy, but we gotta trek on. Now when both parents are sick, well, not much else can be done but get some dvd’s, let the messes pile up, and throw some fast food in the mix for good measure. True and Brave had school today so that calmed things down a bit here and gave us both more quiet time. Despite still feeling a bit icky, Ben goes back to work tomorrow (NO!) and it’s back to finding that normal we had 4 weeks ago. It seems just like yesterday that his vacation started.

I am going to miss Ben terribly when he is at work and will be counting down until the minute he walks back in the door. Plus, I hope we all feel better tomorrow and kick the sickies to the curb! Be gone cold… we don’t like you!

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