family meals: week 76

June 1, 2014

langostino sopeslangostino sopesLangostino Sopes. We still had some langostino leftover in the freezer, so for Memorial Day I made more sopes (made here for Mother’s Day). Usually Ben makes it, but this was the first time I did, so I will have the recipe to share with you soon. It really is one of my favorite recipes!

Week of 6/2 – 6/6
Monday: Black Bean Tacos
Tuesday: Seafood pasta
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Turkey Chili
Friday: Sushi

My mother-in-law is in town, so I made bossam again so she could try it. She loved it and made it a Korean-Mexican fusion by using chipotle sauce on top of hers! What have you been eating for dinner lately?


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