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August 8, 2011

All last week, True kept talking about how she wanted to make a dress and bow for Brave’s birthday present, so on an afternoon we set out to do just that. I needed something quick and simple, so kimono style was the way to go (just two pieces). True picked out the fabric and she added all the finishing touches.
On white fabric and with some fabric marker, True made the details that really made the dress so special. Then, we free motioned embroidered some parts of it after I sewed on her little handmade pieces. She was super proud of her creation and to have something made for her little sister. She worked hard wrapping it and keeping a little surprise for her sister. It really made my heart melt to see the loving big sister come out. These girls are the best of friends, but can also be the best of enemies!
bravey's new dressbravey's new dressbravey's new dressfor braveybravey's new dress
She was so excited to finally give it to Brave at the “Camp Out” (post to come) and Brave really loved it so much. The very next day we made sure Brave wore it out on one of our weekend adventures.
We had so much going on this weekend that I don’t even know where to start. Expect a picture overload soon…

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