out to school: 3/2

September 10, 2013

out to schoolout to schoolI’m thankful for our homeschool program that allows these two to go to school once a week. It’s a great way to give them social interaction as well as expose them to other types of classes and teachers. This year they are in Earth science, theatre, Spanish, and music class. My girls are super shy (mostly True), but I’m hoping this exposure allows them to figure things out a bit more socially. I think True would be shy even if she did attend traditional school, it’s just her personality and she’s an introvert. When they’re home though, or around people they’re comfortable with, these girls are a whole other story. They are little performers at home!

Brave wore another handmade dress to school this week (made for her on this birthday). She says handmade dresses are her favorite. This weekend, True learned how to braid, so she’s wearing her first yarn braided necklace. I love seeing these girls appreciate handmade things.

on brave: dress, handmade here. short, misha lulu. on true: top, target. shorts, misha lulu. drawings, made in photoshop using my tablet by me!

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