slightly obsessed

August 9, 2010

Ever since I made macarons for the first time for Brave’s birthday, which I am glad you all love as much as we loved preparing for it and celebrating it, I have been slightly obsessed with baking this confectionary treat. I am determined to get it down just right. Currently, I use this recipe and Emily’s tips. My weekend batch seemed to be better than the last, though they were shaped more like blobs than circles, and I don’t think that I put enough batter in my mounds. I have tons of homemade italian buttercream left over, so you can be sure that this week might yield more macarons. Not that we are already done with the batch I made, but I seriously want to be semi-pro at baking these pretty little cookies. I want them in all colors! I think they would make pretty pictures. Be ready for lots of macaron sharing…
Ben probably thinks I am crazy for wanting to bake more because of all the crazies that will be happening this week for my mom’s party on Saturday. Plus, I just got thrown into another mix of a project that needs to be tackled this week that has got me a bit in a frenzy! Anyone wanna help me clean my house?!! I had a freak out moment this morning and being on the computer isn’t helping with all that needs to be done. I can’t wait until next Monday when life returns back to whatever normal is and I have a bit more breathing room.
If you have tips for baking macarons please share! And if you want to clean my house… come on over!
p.s. i am behind on emails again, so if you are waiting for one… i will get to it eventually. promise.

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