a mouk birthday

August 6, 2010

Brave’s favorite book of late has been Mouk, thus I decided a little Mouk birthday was in order for our newly three year old girl. It was all a bit of a surprise and good thing she doesn’t question what I make too much while I am sewing. True knew all about it and was very excited to surprise her little sister.
brave's 3rd birthday
I sewed my first kinda-quilt ever! It is a blanket of the world because Mouk travels all throughout the world. Of course it is not made to scale (and a few islands may be missing) as something very exact would have made me go bonkers. We hung it up for the celebration, but now it can be used as any type of blanket from picnics to play to learning or even sleeping. Ben put some steel poles in the ground for our little party and I just strung up some left over bunting from Linda’s wedding.
brave's 3rd birthday
Here is my special little Bravey wearing her new, but vintage birthday dress. The birthday girl was happy as she recognized everything right away!
brave's 3rd birthday
Naturally, a little softie Mouk had to be made to go along with the celebration.
brave's 3rd birthday
Something from every country Mouk travelled to was represented at the celebration. There were Papas Fritas from Peru, sushi from Japan, snow (the shaved ice in the coconuts) from Finland, fruits from Madagascar (topped the snow in the coconuts), macarons from Paris, watermelon rind masks from Greece, turkish delight from Libya, hibiscus tea from West Africa, licorice from Australia (not sure if it is particularly Australian, but this particular one was made there). Brave also got some special presents which included a golden fish kite from China and a New York stamp set. Lastly, we made painted elephants just like did in the book in India. Thus as we read the book, we indulged in the special delights represented from each country. The girls were most anxious and excited about painting the elephants, and of course devouring all the little sweet treats!
brave's 3rd birthdaybrave's 3rd birthdaybrave's 3rd birthdaybrave's 3rd birthdaybrave's 3rd birthdaybrave's 3rd birthdaybrave's 3rd birthdaypainting elephantspainted elephants
brave's 3rd birthday
A Mouky (as they like to call him) party was the perfect celebration for our wonderful little Brave… small, simple, and sweet just like our birthday girl!

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