another vintage dress

September 29, 2010

Nothing too exciting going on here lately because all I have been doing is cleaning and laundry. What a fun combination right? When there is so much to clean, I just sit around and get overwhelmed and don’t want to start. Right about this time, I am also wishing that I had a fairy godmother who had a magic wand and could say, “Bibbidy-boppidy-boo!” and make my house look spotless. Oh, fairy godmother, where art thou?

Therefore since this space is quite lacking of luster, you get stuck with another post of me. Sorry. My sister took these a week or so ago and I had to be silly to try and be serious, and then once I was serious, I had to be silly again because I felt funny being serious.
a picture by myselfi think this looks funnyi resort to silly faces
dress: vintage from 1385
belt: thrifted
shoes: gift from a friend

Oh! Have I told you about how adorably cute my sister is?!! If you don’t read her blog, you should, and here is a little proof of how cute she is…

I bet you had a smile on your face just watching this (I always have the biggest one)?!! How can you not?!! If it made you smile too, I say take it and share it (just don’t forget to give her credit) cause I want everyone to see my little sister dance (leave the link here in a comment if you do blog about it)! This is her first officially choreographed piece and I think it is divine!
Have I told you she is a dance major, who discovered her love for dance later in life, so now she is taking dance classes like crazy to be up to par with those who have been doing it their whole life?! She is an inspiration. She has only officially been dancing for a year and a half now and I think she is pretty darn good. Okay, don’t mind me, I am just the proud, gushing, older sister.
That’s all for now and in the word’s of Rachel, “I will back with a little OOMPH tomorrow.”

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