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May 24, 2011

This weekend a bridal shower was on the agenda for my friend Nina (Neha to me), so my friend Owen and I got busy cooking and baking. With 5 kids running and crawling around us, we made chicken curry salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, and salted caramel brownies (via bliss) from scratch. They were all supercalifragilistically yummy!!!

salted caramel browniessalted caramel browniessalted caramel brownies
Seriously, these brownies are amazing!!! They aren’t your regular kind and much more savory (gotta love that salty sweet combo), but really, not sure if I could go back to the normal kind after this. But if you knew what went in it, you would be sure to not make this everyday. That stuff is just dangerous! This is the next one I want to make.
And the chicken curry sandwiches… we didn’t make them so healthy, but a healthy version using a soy-mayo will be recreated in this home for sure. If you have some other delicious chicken curry sandwich recipe to share, please do!
Once again, thank you for your responses to the seriousness of the previous post (your emails and comments really meant so much to me). My heart was busy thinking all day about it. Before a post like that, I always wonder to myself, “Should post it? Is it too personal? Am I being clear? Will I lose readers?” Those are the honest thoughts that run through my head. Of course, if I really did go by that last question then this blog would be around just to please people and I can’t live by that. I have so much more I want to say, so I am sure those things will come out in subsequent heart to heart posts.
In the meantime, you will still get the bit of crafting, daily life with my girls, yummy eating, lovely old things, and funny stories that travel through our home regularly. I never know what to exactly classify my blog as I don’t just stick to crafting, food, vintage or any one particular area. I jump around and I hope you all don’t mind that (and if you did, I guess that really wouldn’t change too much around here). I just enjoying sharing life and the bits of pieces in my heart. I hope you enjoy that too!

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