craft night with friends

October 29, 2015

This past Saturday, some of the ladies from our church family came over for a hang out. We do a ladies hang out once a month, and someone hosts and teaches something. Last month, we learned how to make delicious fresh salsa. This month was my turn and I taught them the beginnings of weaving. It was a fun night of chatting and laughing as we shared funny stories about life, marriage, and kids. While everyone was listening and chatting away, everyone’s eyes were still zoomed in on their weaving, and they were definitely concentrating on each step as they weaved their way up the loom. I made some handmade looms (thanks to the weaving tutorials on CreativeBug) for everyone to borrow, and one friend bought in a giant box of vintage yarn (the price tag said $1.77 from Penney’s!).

I had some cheese, crackers, and sun dried tomato pasta for guests to fill their tummies with. Lemonade, mint water, and rose were nearby to quench thirsts. When you only have a couple hours, you don’t get very far in your weaving (especially on your first try), but everyone took yarn with them, and were planning to continue it at home. I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished product! I highly recommend getting friends together for a craft night; it’s definitely good bonding time.

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