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March 7, 2011

After a week of pretty much staying in pajamas, never leaving the house, and maybe not bathing daily (sorry… I am pregnant, was sick, and nauseous!) it was definitely nice to get dressed and out of the house. Saturday was a full day of attending a birthday party for this cute little boy, then after God convicting us that we need to serve our local church community more, we headed out to L.A. to help other CrossView members serve the local community. It was a full Saturday and Sunday was even fuller as we gathered back with our church family, ran a few necessary errands, and hung out with my family as my parents (and sister) are now back from their trip (yippee!).
My house is still super messy, Ben has a pretty stressful week ahead work-wise, and I know tomorrow all I will want to do is lay in bed to recover from the weekend. Let’s hope I get some things done!!!
How was your weekend? Anyone else feel exhausted on Mondays and want one more day added to the weekend to rest? A three day weekend every weekend would be nice!

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  • jane says:

    Me, me, me! Iz and I are both sick. Boo! 🙁 And I was in a wedding yesterday. And my sis's wedding is coming up. I want a day to recover… But thirty kids await for me tomorrow. See you Tuesday! 🙂

  • Brooke says:

    Absolutely! My husband gets sad on Sunday nights because he works long hours all week, but I just feel exhausted. Mondays are h.a.r.d.

    Hope yours is n.i.c.e.

  • Anki says:

    What a sweet photo of your little girl. Actually, my monday's pretty good; it's the first day of my maternity leave until august, which means I can do as much nice this as I like with my four year old son Wolf.

    Wish you a nice week! Hope you'll feel well soon.

  • I am a Garfield. I don't really like mondays. It is so hard to wake up on monday. My solution: we just begin very slowly the week on monday…

  • With everyone home on the weekends, the house gets messy and everyday duties fall by the wayside. Mondays it's hard to get going….

  • Rubyellen says:

    jane- i will indeed see you tomorrow!

    brooke- i know. i get so sad ben has to go back to work too!!!

    anki- oh man. enjoy this special time, full of happy days, anticipation and excitement. oh so special!

    yes, mondays are definitely slow…

  • autumn says:

    I am aching for one more day….

  • jozen says:

    whoever thought up the 5 day work week and 2 day weekend was insane!

    i definitely agree that all weekends should be 3 days!

  • KK says:

    I say it should be half and half…we can work half the week and rest (or do fun stuff) the other half…

    Although, my weekend was pretty productive. I'd been out of town for two weeks so it was nice to be in my own space again. Completed lots of client orders. Mapped out my blog posts for the week, listened to some great music, saw a movie…

    But then again – I'm not baking a baby! Get some rest…you need it AND deserve it! LOL

  • Jenny says:

    Weekends around here end up being even more busy than the weekdays. Don't push yourself too hard… I always milked being pregnant, lay around and take it easy are my words of advice 🙂

  • Taylor Yves says:

    I usually like Mondays … Tuesdays and Wednesdays, though …

  • CARLEY FAY says:

    Such a beautiful photo of your little one. Your re-design of your page looks fantastic by the way.

  • koralee says:

    What a lovely blog…how did I ever miss you….off to visit for a while…what a sweetpea of a photo. xoxox

  • ~ Kim ~ says:

    I haven't popped in for a while but I wanted to congratulate you on cooking another bub! I will have 4 under 5 in and June as well. I am soo tired right now and the lounge has stuff all over it. I wish you all the best and hope we have healthy babies!!! XOX

  • Khanh says:

    i'm so glad you feel better. i love soul's photo, adorable.
    wish you lots of love & energy. xoxo

  • Rubyellen says:

    good news… monday i actually cleaned the kitchen in the morning, which hadn't been mopped since january! but that pooped me out that i didn't do anything the rest of the day! oh well. at least, i got something done!

    kk- where did you go?

    kim- oh boy! you nervous? i am.

  • emily says:

    gosh! soul is looking A LOT like true these days! darling.

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