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September 10, 2010

{song is aukalagid by lay low}
Winners have been announced on each giveaway post. Thank you for all your lovely comments for the giveaways. Y’all are fantastic!!! Seriously.
Hope you like this week’s video. Have I told you how much I love the Zumi?!! I think Ben did such a good job capturing the butterflies! And in case you are wondering about that pot of food. Ah! Well, I cooked for our church potluck the night before and Ben was supposed to put all the meat in fridge (I even reminded him), but come Sunday morning, it was still sitting out (and of course after 4 hours and not in the right temperature, food is more susceptible to food borne illness). I was a bit miffed, but he apologized right away, ran to grocery store, and we had to cook all over again. So it is kind of a funny thing to remember, but maybe now that there is video, he won’t ever forget again (as this wasn’t the first time this happened)!
The weekend is finally upon us and my wish is to go out for Saturday morning breakfast. What is your wish for the weekend?
Have a grand time folks!

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