give them wings

September 9, 2010

Days have been a bit more gloomy (though I know the heat will be back), so we have been spending mornings watching movies like Little Women (the girls are now asking for a fourth sister so they can be the little women) and The Little Princess in bed. After which, ensues a bit of crafting. The girls will do anything to get some crafting time! Since we are on a little butterfly kick from our recent outing to the Pavilion of Wings, I knew the exact thing that my girls were going to enjoy making.
They each picked out their own fabrics. Naturally, True picked something pink (she always picks pink) and Brave picked out something red. True has always loved pink and normally Brave picks out whatever big sister wants, but a little of her own personality is finally coming through, because as of late, she has declared red to be her favorite color.
making wings
I made a pattern, cut out the pieces, and sewed them together, as well as attached the elastic so that it could be worn, but I did this after they painted. I turned it inside out and the girls did the rest. They stuffed. They painted. They flew.
making wings
making wingsmaking wingsmaking wings
We used the same fabric paint that we used to make the elephants for Brave’s birthday and we let the wings dry while the girls went to nap. Right when they woke up, everything was ready to go!
butterflies playingbutterflies playingbutterflies playingbutterflies in the grass
The wings have been attached to them ever since. Now, they are constantly fluttering about the house.
The wings remind me of a song my mom would sing to us when I was little. It was called Roots and Wings. A line in the song went like this… “You gave me roots to grow in love, you gave me wings to reach the sky, you set me free to be who I am, just by being who you are.” I hope I can instill this sentiment in my girls. I want them to grow in knowledge of who they are in Christ and be able to see the possibilities in Christ as well. I am not gonna lie, sometimes I think, “Gosh… I take my children for granted and am not loving them the way God wants me to.” It is so easy to fill the days with busyness that I forget to enjoy my children. I need to stop and remember that these days when they are little (because they really will be big and flying off before you know it) are for teaching them roots and wings.
p.s. last day for all my giveaways.

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