it’s a sick day over here, so we baked!

January 24, 2013

we got sick and ate cakewe got sick and ate cakewe got sick and ate cakeThe big girls are sick over here and I’m trying to convince myself that I’m alright. We cancelled teacher meetings and dance class for today and this morning while we were all feeling icky and yucky, I made a chocolate loaf. Thanks to Trader Joe’s, I just put in the eggs, oil, and water and then we had something yummy to eat. Well, there were a few other steps, but box mixes are so wonderfully easy like that. This particular one was a peppermint chocolate one and it was, “Eh.” True and Soul liked it, but Brave and I weren’t crazy about it. I’m thinking if you warm it up and put a dollop of mint ice cream on top, it would be a whole lot better. Too bad I don’t have mint ice cream.

And just so you know, chocolate loaf doesn’t really work in curing whatever it is we have. I was kind of hoping it would. Here’s to trying to taking it easy, though I feel like I have a million things to do and there is no time for a break.

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