January 25, 2013

roomThis week we had a couple sunny, warm days in the 80’s and now it’s back to being cold and very rainy. I actually got to clean the big girls’ room and toss stuff. Then, I conquered our beast of a bedroom and really cleaned up (and tossed more stuff!). We tend to let clothes pile up and papers collect, so it was good to tend to these large, crazy piles of ours. It feels good to have a clean bedroom. I feel like I can think now and actually have some peace in my room. It probably won’t last long, but I will enjoy it while I have it. This weekend, I’m going to try and tackle the bathrooms. Wish me luck…

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Soul and Glow are slowly becoming partners. They’re starting to play more together… it’s quite a cute spectacle!

You know Brave is sick when she is no longer doing cartwheels, but I’m glad she’s back to doing cartwheels today.

Yes, I like wearing overalls. These were mine from highschool and I just altered the leg to a more narrow straight fit rather than baggy and I’m back to wearing them. I always wondered when I would don overalls again.

Avocado pasta is amazing! So quick and easy to make. I can’t wait to try different variations of it.

Excited for Danni’s shop opening. If you’re in the area, definitely go and check it out!

These DIY tights are funny and quirky!

I’m behind in emails (again!), so I will try to get some this weekend, so if you’re waiting for one, please stay tuned!

Thankful quiet mornings reading my Bible and listening to music that stirs my soul.

Enjoy your weekend friends! Ben and I have been knee deep in projects over the weekends and we both can’t wait until we’re done to actually do some adventuring with the girls again. It’s been way too long!

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