October 29, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Obsessed with seed bead stitching. Swooning over jewelry by Salihah Moore, then remembered I have a bag full of vintage seed beads from when Ben was a little kid (I knew it would come in handy one day!), so I started making my own pieces.

Ms. Tips is having a huge sale until Halloween! Wish it got cold enough here to warrant a reason to get this wool coat.

The sweetest Birkin basket around.

This week felt a little overwhelming with Ben getting sick, then Brave, and all other life things. Thankful got to read the Bible with a friend, and the Word really does give life to the weak. I needed a reminder to count it all joy.

Excited to share this year’s Halloween story with you all. The girls did all the planning for it and I think it’s pretty hilarious. Don’t forget to check back on Monday!

I need a good book for my birthday to ready while I’m in bed doing nothing. Any recommendations? I love suspense and thriller books.

Birthday week is coming up and I’m so excited. Not that I have any requests really, except to stay in bed all day and do nothing (all meals in bed too), but I simply love birthdays.

I’m not typically a romance movie gal, but I really liked the movie Brooklyn.

Can’t believe next week will be November. I’m excited for all the holiday things!

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