fabulous focaccia

September 8, 2010

I mentioned on Friday that we were going to do some bread making for our friends who were going to come over for dinner and so I tried out this recipe. All I gotta say is fabulous focaccia indeed! My only tweak was to use whole wheat flour and I think that it turned out even better because anything with whole wheat is just better for your body, right? Makes me feel less guilty when I am indulging in a carb-fest!
focaccia breadfocaccia breadfocaccia breadfocaccia breadfocaccia bread

I am so glad that I tripled the recipe, so now I have a few balls of dough in the freezer just waiting to taken out to be freshly baked. Give me good bread, some extra virgin oil with garlic bits and I am as happy as a clam! Anyone else love yummy bread too?

On another different note, we had a bit of a scare last night. Ben was on the front porch reading, when he noticed a couple of guys fishing around our neighbors’ cars. His instincts told him something wasn’t right, so he went inside and called the police to report it. Just as he was talking on the phone, he looked out our 2nd floor window and saw the guys in our driveway snooping in our car. Ben immediately yelled at them and they took off. Unfortunately, the cops didn’t get them and we don’t have much information. It is such a frustrating situation. Praise God no one was hurt and nothing was taken (we figured out they were trying to steal gas from everyone’s tanks), but this kinda of thing is just sad and scary. It makes me so angry, but I need to remember that even those guys need God. Hmm… do you think it is possible that they smelled my focaccia baking and came looking for some?! I guess next time I will just have to leave it by the car for them.

p.s. did you know about all my giveaways?

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  • ladaisi says:

    YUM! My mom used to grind her own wheatberries, so I learned how to make homemade bread when I was a kid. I had a bit of trouble learning, though.

    Sorry about your scare! Once I saw two guys beating up another in a parking lot – you just feel so startled you don't know exactly what to do. But my mom was there and she grabbed a golf club out of the trunk and threatened them.

    Glad your family and car were okay!

  • Sonja says:

    Oh Wow!!! That looks so delicious!!!
    Olives in bread are the best!

    Yikes that event last night doesn't sound like much fun, but I'm glad to hear everyone is okay. I was actually just watching the news and there was a series of pretty bad car vandalism last night in Toronto. Just so pointless really.]

    Focaccia is a good bait idea though! hehe

  • Renee says:

    Your focaccia is beautiful! I used to make focaccia everyday & homemade dinner rolls but now my latest bread that I make daily is naan…yum it's so good!My family loves my homemade breads and so do I. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about those guys in your neighborhood…that is scary.I'm glad your husband was home. I don't think I'd be able to sleep at night but it's better they go after cars than people's houses,I guess.

    PS-Thanks for the giveaways you are having!Also,don't feel like you always have to tell us that you have fights and yell….we are all human.I don't think anybody expects you to be perfect but we do love how you spend the good times with your family….I think it kind of pushes us to do more with our own families. 🙂 There is not a single person on earth that can claim to be perfect so don't feel as though you are making us believe you live in a perfect world….I just don't think any blog would have many followers if they only showed us their “bad” side.With so many bad things going on in the world,it's nice to see such happiness on your blog. 🙂 Oh and congrats on your blogaversary! I think I only found your blog a year ago but I have read every post since you began it. 🙂 I hope you'll be around many more years.Love ya!

  • Likely says:

    totally the foccacia. I think they thought you put it in the gas tank. ha ha

    Last year our whole neighborhood woke up to missing gas tanks in our backyards (lawnmower gas). Someone came in the night and took everyone's gas and then left a pile of the containerrs in the neighborhood somewhere else.

    It's almost like you wish the people would just knock and say, I really need some gas money. I don't want to go and steal it so I thought I would ask.

    Then again in the world we live in it's hard to believe people sometimes. That is sad.

    YEs, they need God too!

  • Anastasia says:

    I love good bread. Where I am from you buy freashly baked bread anywhere and I miss it so much! As to these guys snooping in your car, I know how you feel. It is sad! I am sure God is with your family though and will always protect you!

  • jane says:

    ok. first of all, i will gladly join you in a carb fest ANY DAY! you know me… we both love our carbs! 🙂 secondly, i can't imagine ben yelling… but i am glad to hear that no one was hurt. everyday, there are always glimpses and situations of God's faithfulness, huh? 🙂

  • mmm this looks so good – I”m definitely going to try it!
    As for the creepy guys, it's so sad that people have to resort to theft. I honestly don't know how people who steal can sleep at night.

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