February 28, 2012

mexican hot chocolatemexican hot chocolate
mexican hot chocolate
mexican hot chocolate
Have you tried it? Oh it is so good. By far my favorite way to drink hot coco and it was perfect for today’s rainy day. The girls gulped it up during snack time and I still have a little bit left in the fridge. It is even good to sip on cold and the tablet is really yummy to nibble on.
What’s your favorite way to make hot coco?

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  • craftattacks says:

    I always go for the Abuelita brand! If we don't have any, I follow the directions on the box of unsweetened cocoa [that I use for baking] and add in some cinnamon. Delicious!

  • tina matilde says:

    ditto, the abuelita brand is my personal favorite. classic taste, iconic choice.

  • Rubyellen says:

    ooh! i will have ben look for that brand next time! thanks ladies!

  • Love both Ibarra and Abuelita! I grew up thinking that this was what all hot chocolate was supposed to taste like.

  • Rubyellen says:

    Ben just told me he doesn't buy the abuelita brand because that one has hydrogenated oils in the ingredients. no bueno. ibarra it is!

  • Jen and Dave says:

    This sounds lovely right now.
    Cakies, (which spellcheck tries to change to “values”), I love your blog, read it everyday & I have since you've had 2 kiddos. I always make it a point to read your blog at night because well, its my friend: ). Im a sahm and I've had good days (lots of them) and some not so awesome days where I'm happy to have got some basics done . Why am I finally commenting on your hot chocolate post of all posts? : ) Thanks for being real, keeping true to who you are, being unique, and wanting happiness. It makes my day. Thank you–especially today.

  • Debora says:

    We don't know this in NL: so you buy a tablet, let it meld and then you have hot coco? It's not normal chocolate then? Thanks for your great blog, I love it. I think I said it before, but it never hurst to get a compliment, right? Have a good day today.

  • Debora says:

    melt of course, not meld :-). Not fully awake yet.

  • lidia says:

    hmm i always buy abuelita brand as well, i don't know if i could change it for ibarra after reading about the hydrogenated oils, i'll have to pick up ibarra next time and try it out.

  • Ellie says:

    Did it really rain wherever you are in LA? The weather report for UCLA said it would, but the rain never came– just grey skies and gloominess. It was like a sense of impending doom as everyone waited for it to start raining and it just never happened. But I definitely agree: today was a hot chocolate kind of day. *grins*


    {Oh, and since we're in the midst of midterms, our hot chocolate consists of a packet of the instant kind with marshmallows and a cup of hot milk. *laughs* Oh, college life.}

  • I've never tried this, but I want to just for the mixing part – that looks like fun 🙂

  • I love using the William-Sonoma chocolate shavings, it's like a dessert of its own!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • Lisette says:

    Thanks for the tip! I will have to give it a try.

  • Esther says:

    Oh I remember my abuelita would make me the Ibarra kind growing up. So good.
    I loved the rainy weather yesterday. It even hailed here in Covina. So glad its finally feeling wintery.

  • I remember drinking this at my grandma's house. So any memories 🙂

  • you know what's sooo yummy and def. a treat? Is mexican chocolate with some white chocolate (ghiradellli powdered is the best)=yummy hot chocolate! I like to sprinkle with cinnamon:) that was my favorite when I worked at a coffee shop and felt like a hot chocolate.

  • my favorite hot chocolate!!

  • Rosalia says:

    Chocolate Ibarra is our favorite at home. It's not as sweet as Chocolate Abueltia. You can also make it with water. It's yummy either way. I need to get me one of those wooden mixers. 🙂 Get some freshly made Mexican pan dulce & you're in heaven!

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