February 28, 2012

out to school out to school
{where from again? dress: little bean shop; sweater: vintage; rainboots: target; scarf: handmade by mom; lunch bag: built nyc.}
This school day came with an episode…
When I dropped her off, the way she walked into the classroom got slightly changed, and then she didn’t want to go in, then she started crying, so I stayed a bit. It was art class and she loves art class, so I knew it was her shyness overtaking her. I left her with the student assistant thinking she would stop and I made a mad dash out. I was almost home and when I got a call that she was wailing and would not to talk to anyone and they needed me to come back. I turned around and headed back to the school. I walked into the office and see her drooling and crying. I made numerous attempts to calm her down, nothing worked. Eventually, she calmed down and wants to go back into art and wants me to help her. I oblige. We go in, she gets to work on her painting and after another little bit, she lets me leave. Peacefully this time. Whew!
She loves her one-day-a-week school, but sometimes her shyness gets the best of her.
One day, she will no longer be shy and become the President of the United States. Just you watch.


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