family meals: week 67

March 30, 2014

family mealsfamily mealsKorean Fried ChickenYes! Soooo good! Obviously, we love Korean dishes and spicy food, so it’s no surprise that we loved this dish. I made this two weeks in a row since I had leftover sauce, and the girls got a batch without all the spice. I changed up the recipe to give the meat some breading, but while it looks fried, it totally isn’t. Oven fried chicken is bomb I tell you. You totally won’t even miss real fried chicken! Promise.

family mealsfamily mealsBlack Bean with Corn Salsa Rice Bowl. While I share a lot of meat dishes here, actually, we only eat it about twice a week, maybe three times. Most other days are seafood or straight up vegetarian. This was another good meal to make for a big group on our Dinner Club Thursdays. Put giant dollops of fresh salsa in and you’re good to go!

Week of 3/31 – 4/4
Monday: Shrimp Tacos
Tuesday: Pad Kee Mao (I want to try my hand at Thai cooking!)
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: White Bean Chili
Friday: Sushi/pizza night

Since we put in an official weekly grocery budget in place, we’ve done so good at not wasting food. We don’t have excess, but just enough, and we really think through our grocery purchases. Budgeting, as painful as it feels sometimes, is so great!

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