March 29, 2014

the girls and the bookThese girls look so grown in this picture (and their long legs!). This was a very special moment and I’m glad to have caught it. I’m so proud of them!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

This was the best mail day ever.

Love this dress, not the price tag so much, but maybe the quality is really good. Anyone know? No splurge purchases until Ben’s car is fixed.

I want to make these teeny cakes.

The BFF is leaving for a spring break trip to Korea and she is kind enough to lend us her car for a week! Thankful for her generosity!

Life throws so many good and bad curve balls and every one of them grows us. Thankful for the growing pains.

Some random tidbits about me in this ABM staff post.

We are so excited that Ben’s cousin’s show got picked up on Nickelodeon! He’s such a talented writer and it’s great to see his work recognized. Get ready to watch Bella and the Bullfrogs this coming fall. I’ve read the pilot and it’s so clever.

I love this bag from Topphouse (it hasn’t been put in their shop yet), which is a collaboration between artists David Jien and Andrew Ho.

This weekend’s very full! I’m working on a shoot with Family Fun Magazine Saturday morning, then my own personal creative project in the afternoon, and Sunday I will be attending the calligraphy workshop. It’s a weekend full of creative things, so I’m sure it’s gonna be good!

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