family meals: week 22

July 26, 2012

healthy orange chickenoven fried chickenHealthified version of Orange Chicken. Yes, I love the orange chicken at Panda Express or any other fast food Chinese joint, so I was wanting to try and make a healthy version for a long while now. I didn’t deep fry and only used chicken breast. I used one less tablespoon of sugar than the recipe called for and it still came out sweet. Might try to go even lighter on the sugar next time. The girls loved this dish and I was pretty much a fan too! This will definitely be made again.

Oven Fried Chicken. We’ve made this many times before and it even looks really fried, but it isn’t all and I think taste even more delicious than fried chicken and the best part it’s guilt free. The girls get the drumsticks and Ben and I eat the breasts. Our breading (the girls had their breading with a lot less cayenne) has like triple the cayenne than the recipe called for and oh yes, that totally makes it. We love anything spicy!

Week 7/30 – 8/3
Monday: Chile Stuffed Burger
Tuesday: Cold Soba Salad with Dried Shiitake Dressing
Wednesday: Turkey Tacos
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Pizza

I didn’t get to cook two of the things that was on my plan this week, so they will get pushed to next week and we have enough leftovers to last us until Thursday, so we are good to go for this week. I forgot to plan for some vegetables, but good thing Ben was able to whip up something fast. Gotta remember to add that food group to my planning. What’s a quick vegetable dish you make?

9 comments on “family meals: week 22”

  • pam says:

    how do you get your girls to eat spicy foods? my hubby and i love spicy foods, but my boys won’t eat anything with even a little spice on it.

  • pam says:

    btw, love the new blog layout!

  • Rima @ Bolu says:

    oh yum. I gotta try this. 2 of my favorite versions of chicken dish. yummmm.

  • Corrie Anne says:

    the orange chicken sounds so delicious!!!!

  • MissT says:

    Ooooh yum! They look incredible 🙂

  • Danielle says:

    That looks utterly delis!

  • katygirl says:

    hello! i just found your blog last night and love it! 🙂 excited to keep reading.

  • jenny g says:

    Oven roasted (or BBQ these days) broccoli or cauliflower…easy and delicious with olive oil, s&p and garlic (occasionally lemon zest and juice too)…my 3.5 year old even loves it!

  • Carolina_D says:

    I know this is a really old post, but I just wanted to say that I plan our menus around the contents of our CSA boxes and what’s still growing in our gardens. I choose the protein to go with the veggies, not vice-versa. It makes it really easy, especially as the contents of our next boxes is on the farm site ahead of time. Dessert is generally always fruit, either fresh, (home) frozen or (home) canned. Everyone here is totally ADDICTED to fruit. We likely eat far too much of it, given the sugar content of most fruits, but I still refuse to feel guilty. It HAS to be better for us than candy, regardless of all the fanatics out there telling us that we might as well give our kids actual candy if we insist on giving them fruits more than once per day. (?) My personal ‘rule of thumb’ is a half a banana, a serving of citrus and a small apple each and every day, along with lots of fresh berries, stone fruits, etc. Whatever’s in season or we have frozen or canned in the winter. Together, those 3 ‘basic’ fruits supply almost ALL the nutrients we need on a daily basis. People will get our fruit out of our cold, dead fingers, no other way. (We DO eat a ton of veggies every day too, so it’s all good. Luckily my kids disliked very few foods when they were young. My (young adult) daughter will STILL not eat plain cooked spinach, but she loves it raw, or in different recipes. (Lasagna, etc.) The other kids just want food on the table. They really don’t care WHAT it is. (Well, some of our friend’s/relative’s cooking CAN be problematic…but…I raised them to be polite. If YOU served my daughter cooked spinach, she would just go ahead and eat it. You would never know how much she despised it!)

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