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July 25, 2012

the kids made itthe kids made itthe kids made itthe kids made itI think our walls are pretty full now. A couple weeks ago, I introduced the girls to Andy Warhol and we made a little lesson of his style of art. Little did I realize, True already studied about him in her art class during the year, so she was chiming in with the things she already knew. Then I showed them some of the posters with his quotes and asked them if they had any personal quotes and so True turned, what she claimed is her most favorite quote, into the art piece that now hangs on the wall.

Another day, I just rolled out a long piece of paper and gave them two colors: black and white and told them to paint me a story. I pretty much always tell them to make a story in whatever medium they are working with (it keeps them occupied). True’s portion was the top and it was something about water and a boat. Brave’s was the bottom and I think it was about Monchichi. The presented their story to Ben when he came home. I just took some masking tape and hung it up! Although, according to True, I hung it upside down. Oops!

Ben said their work reminded him of Robert Motherwell. 1) I had no clue who Robert Motherwell was until Ben told me. 2) I already think Ben’s the bees knees and pretty awesome, but dang, baby 5 almost happened when he started talking about Motherwell. Just sayin’.

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12 comments on “DIY: more instant art”

  • Laura says:

    You all are so awesome! Love the quote artwork!!!!

  • Rima @ Bolu says:

    haha you’re funny… baby #5 almost happened, lol


  • love love and more love — kid art is the best art!!

  • deirdre says:

    You gals are so crafty! Keep it coming!

  • Sharyl says:

    oh, True I love “choclit” too!

  • I used to have a monchichi. I gave it to my dad though for Father’s Day when I was probably 7 and it had some sort of daddy thing on it.
    Such cute art!

  • Alison says:

    I love your artwork and that you created it yourself. I love doing that for my own home and I can’t wait until we have kids and I can teach them about things that I think are important and then let them create themselves.

  • Mariana says:

    How cute! Your little ones are so artistic! I love it! Thanks for the Monchichi link by the way! It was so cute! Hah! ♥

  • I love how you introduce your children to art making. Their creations are beautiful, and limiting the palette to two colors is a lesson in working with limitations that will transfer into other areas of their lives. Your comment about Ben cracked me up. When my husband introduces me to cultural things I’ve never heard of, I get all wobbly in the knees too 🙂

  • Elise says:

    I discovered your blog and traveled all night! This is a gold mine of ideas, continue like that, you’re great!
    Elise, a French girl!

  • Suzanne says:

    This is too precious! Good for you to introduce your girls to art and the people who create it. I recently learned something about Andy Warhol that I was surprised by – he had a connection with some papercut artwork of Hans Christian Andersen! I researched it for an etsy listing of mine and wrote about it here (if you’re interested).. 🙂

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